Dates and Deadlines

We have a few dates and deadlines coming up, a reminder for each is below.

Team Apparel Store: Closing Sept. 26th! That is next Wednesday! Please get your orders in, once the store is closed it will not reopen.

Halloween Howl Swim Meet: Commitment deadline is Sept. 30th! Remember that unless you change the commitment your child is signed up to be at all age appropriate sessions of the meet. If you do not plan to attend the whole meet on Oct. 27th and 28th, you must edit your commitment before Sept. 30th.

Mock Meets:

Seniors and Age GroupSept. 28th! Thank you to Ron Chinn, Jodi Elliot, and Leanna Miller for volunteering to be times already. We need at least 3, but preferably 9 more parents to volunteer. Please reply to sign up to time at our mock meet during practice (5:45-7:30 pm) on Sept. 28th!

8&UOct. 25th! You all have a little more time but so far I have no volunteers to time at our 8&U mock meet. We will need at least 6 parent volunteers. Please reply to sign up for timing during regular practice time (5:45-6:45 pm) on Oct. 25th!

Thank you,

Coach Jennifer

Visit Us Online at:
Rolla Fins Swim Club
P. O. BOX 1654
Rolla, MO 65402

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