How to be an Awesome Swim Parent 8 of 9


8. The facilities don’t make the athlete.


It’s natural to want the absolute best for our swimmers. The best coaches, the best facilities, the best of everything.

But removing all obstacles in their talent development ends up having an unintended consequence: an inability to deal with adversity later on in their careers.

After all, having been robbed of the lessons, humility and resiliency that comes from adversity means that when it does finally happen these athletes have a hard time adjusting.

Being on a star-studded team doesn’t guarantee success. Just like how training out of a dark, cramped 22-yard pool doesn’t promote failure. The lessons and skills can be and are picked up in different environments and if anything, the “less than” athlete is going to be at an advantage when it comes to dealing with hardship.



Part of a blog post by Olivier Poirier Leroy 


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