How to be an Awesome Swim Parent 4 of 9


4. Set the standard for how they should react.


I cringe when I see a parent who lacks emotional control at swim meets. You can see the discomfort of those nearby as well, as in, “Jeez buddy, it’s just a swim race.”

These parents not only tend to end up bumping and spitting all over nearby parents and swimmers, but also provide a classic example of poor sportsmanship and set a low standard of self-control for their own swimmer to emulate.

It is contradictory and confusing for children to be told to have self-control, to stay calm and focused in moments of high pressure when their parent is screaming at the coach and losing their chlorinated mind from the stands.

At the end of the day you are your swimmer’s strongest role model. Not the swimmer on the Wheaties box.





Part of a blog post by Olivier Poirier Leroy 

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