2017 Short Course Meets

SPA Halloween Classic/SPA Fall Classic October 6-8 2017

Drury University, Springfield, MO

Congratulations Kathryn, Chloe, Nicky, Emma, Sydney, Eric, Tristen, Colten, Evan, Tom, Abby, and Alex

RSCA Halloween Howl October 28-29

Marquette High School, Chesterfield, MO

Congratulations Natalie L., Bohan, Sydney, Abigail, Delany, Natalie C., Kathryn, Emma, Marley, Ajay, Alex, Thomas, and Shawn

RCA Great Times Invitational November 3-5

Central Municipal Pool, Cape Girardeau, MO

Congratulations Eric, Ajay, Madeleine, Sydney, Kendrick, Delaney, Kathryn, and Emma

RPLX Holiday H2O December 1-3

St. Peters Rec Plex, St. Peters, MO

Congratulations Chloe, Emma, Kathryn, Sydney, Abby, Delaney, Ajay, Junior, Alex, Naomi, and Chloe

Parkway Winter Classic December 8-10

Kirkwood High School, Kirkwood, MO

Congratulations Nicky, Eric, Chloe, Michelle, Abby, Alex, Natalie, Tristen, Scarlett, Bohan, Colten, Naomi, and Tom


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